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To attend school, students must pay for tuition, school supplies and uniforms, as well as boarding, cleaning, and even supply their own mosquito nets. These costs are simply impossible for people living in as refugees in a situation of extreme poverty.

Elizabeth’s part

Elizabeth Lual is an Australian citizen who fled her home town of Bor, South Sudan in the early 1980s. She has experienced first-hand what life is like in a refugee camp. Elizabeth arrived in Australia as a refugee, but is conscious that many others have not had the same opportunity to start a new life in safety, especially since fighting in South Sudan intensified from 2013. This new wave of conflict has led to over a million people seeking refuge in Uganda.

Elizabeth, a member of St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral Wollongong, has spearheaded this project from its beginnings. When she visited Adjumani Refugee Camp in 2013, she spoke to local community members who expressed a deep concern for the education of their children, and their desire to see them have a future. From there, she developed the Adjumani sponsorship project with the support of Anglican Aid.

“With gratitude in my heart for my safe life in Australia, I made the journey to Uganda on behalf of Anglican Aid. Because God has helped me I want to help them. My mission was to deliver aid to the most destitute of the many hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people who took shelter there when they fled the violent civil war which broke out in our new nation, the Republic of South Sudan in 2013.”

– Elizabeth Lual



For more information on this project, please get in touch with Anglican Aid, or Elizabeth Lual at


Elizabeth’s story and the wonderful work she’s doing has featured on SBS Dinka: 

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