Gender inequality in Tanzania

In the Mara region, many oppressive traditional gender-based values are socially accepted despite the negative effects they have on women. Women and girls are not afforded the dignity and respect that will allow them to learn and work freely within the community.  For many, practices of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), lack of protection against early marriages, and the demand for sex work prohibit them from living and working in safe, healthy communities.

Statistics in the Mara region indicate that only 5% of women own their own land. Even when they contribute to the purchase of the land, despite being against the law in Tanzania, the property is only recorded as having been purchased in their husband’s name. Women often do not inherit land, or important possessions. Instead, relatives of the deceased husband will confiscate both the land and possessions from any widows and orphans, leaving them impoverished. 

Equipping women through tailoring

Providing entrepreneurial and vocational skills through tailoring can help women and their families to have sustainable, independent ways of ensuring they have access to regular income. 

Your support will help young girls and women between the ages of 14 to 25 years old with housing, regular meals, sewing equipment, and Biblical teaching throughout their Girls Brigade course. It will also provide staff with paid employment, and support graduates as they begin their own businesses. 

Please pray for this project that through the Girl’s Brigade, God’s grace will flow to women in need in the region of Mara through the Girls Brigade. 

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