Miracle School (Anti-Slavery and Education)

UPDATE: Covid-19 response, April 2020

Miracle School is providing access to safe, clean water from the water tanks that Anglican Aid supporters contributed to. Soap for handwashing is also provided, to prevent the spread of infection. They have translated public health information about handwashing and sanitation into Urdu and provided education to the community to prevent the spread of infection.

Lockdown of brick kilns and all the factories has caused great unemployment. Many maids have been fired by their wealthy employers for fear of the safety of their households. There are no salaries or wages from the factories where they work. None of them have food for their children. With Anglican Aid's support, Miracle School will provide food rations help to the 800 miracle schools families.


Pakistan is home to many families, mainly minority groups such as Christians and Hindus, who are trapped in bonded intergenerational slavery within Pakistan’s brick kilns. Bonded labour in brick kilns usually occurs when a person is forced to work in order to pay off a loan owed to the brick kiln owner. Usually these debts are due to unexpected health or family issues which people are otherwise unable to pay. Due to the illiteracy of many of these people they are unable to calculate and manage their debts, leading to their bosses taking advantage of them by increasing their debt and forcing their children to work until it is paid off (which in most cases is never).

Anglican Aid has partnered with 'The Miracle School Ministry' to try and end intergenerational slavery in Lahore, Pakistan. Anglican Aid is working to smash the cycle of intergenerational slavery by supporting the 600 children of bonded slaves working on brick kilns and orphans in the city with free education. For many families these children will be the first literate and educated members of their families.

  • For $12 you can give a child a Christmas or Easter gift, for example a Miracle Doll. 
  • For $15 you can provide Christmas dinner for a famiy of the children at the school!
  • For $16 you can provide all text books required for a student for one year or a uniform.
  • For $16 you can provide food rations for a struggling family.
  • For $65 you can enable teachers at Miracle to receive in-service training.
  • For $160 you can pay a teacher's salary for a month.
  • For $800 you can establish a literacy program for adults in one village  learn how to read and write!
  • For $900 Christmas parties can be provided for 600 children at both schools ($1.50 per child)
  • For $2,080 you can build much needed water tanks for one of the 20 brick kiln villages served by Miracle.
  • For $9,600 you can install solar panels for the school!

Anglican Aid visited Lahore, Pakistan in 2015 and whilst we were there we met a family in bonded slavery. Here is their story. It is our hope and prayer you will consider a tax deductible gift to this project and help end bonded slavery!

All donations to this project are tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517

  • Please pray that the Exodus 5 project will be faithful in it's outreach to Christian minorities
  • Please pray that Exodus 5 will continue to shine as a light to its Muslim and Hindu neighbours.

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As part of the deal, proceedings will begin to bar Asia Bibi from leaving the country.

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Donation of Bibles to Pakistan - Celebrating 200 years of the Bible Society (Australia)

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Bible Society in Australia, Anglican Aid is providing 150 Urdu Bibles for students of the Miracle Schools in Pakistan from our Overseas Ministry Fund. Pakistan is the fourth most dangerous country to be a Christian according to Open Doors World Watchlist. Read more

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Waterworks funds water in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and more

Waterworks for a Thirsty World, a fundraising initiative of Anglican Aid, has raised money to support important water projects in vulnerable communities! Here is an update on how the money is being spent and how you can get involved!

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Pakistan court acquits 20 in case of Christian couple burnt alive

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Lahore, Pakistan, on Saturday (24 March) acquitted 20 men suspected of involvement in the murder of a Christian couple burnt alive at the kiln where they worked in November 2014 – after it was alleged that they had set fire to some pages from a Quran. Read more

Photo Shama Shahzad, left, and Shahzad Masih were burned alive in an industrial kiln in 2014. Photo VOA News

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COVID-19 won’t stop our mission to let grace flow

Now, more than ever, we continue in our mission to let grace flow to vulnerable communities around the world.

Your generosity has already allowed us to provide in-country partners with basic public health information such as measures to prevent spreading infections, so they can assist their communities. In areas like Ethiopia, Jordan, and Kenya, Anglican Aid supporters have contributed to wells and rainwater tanks, allowing these communities to wash their hands as recommended.

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Family released from slavery

Miracle School Ministries has recently secured the release of a family from brick kiln slavery in Pakistan! The family had been trapped within the terrible cycle of intergenerational slavery for as long as they could remember, with no one knowing how or why they came to be there. Praise be to God for their release and the work of Miracle School Ministries! 

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Miracles in Pakistan’s Brick Kilns

Waterworks Global Ambassador, Angela Michael, shares the story of Qadis. Qadis is a four-year-old boy enslaved in the Brick kilns of Lahore. Thanks to your generosity, he is able to receive an education.

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An enslaved family has been released after dirty water put their lives at risk

A recent press release from Miracle School Ministries has announced the release of a family from slavery in Pakistan's brick kilns! 

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