Sami Nagib

From the start it was a Christian life fraught with challenges but Sami Nagib is now in a place where he can use the abilities the Lord has provided.

Sami Nagib’s conversion from Islam to Christianity in 2010 brought serious death threats and Sami was forced to flee his home. In the following years he lived and studied in Egypt and Uganda before 'landing' in Latin America. 

God has led him to a fruitful ministry in Brazil where he works with religious refugees from Islamic nations. He also teaches English to Christian workers in Brazil who seek to take the gospel abroad. His understanding of Islam is critical in Brazil where the Islamic community is growing.

He is now located in Parana State in the South of Brazil, where he works with members of the large refugee community, many of whom have fled persecution. Parana State is next to São Paulo State, where significant Muslim communities have settled and where two of three Portuguese translations of the Qur'an were written.

One of Sami’s gifts is being able to communicate with persecuted Christian refugees as he is blessed with the ability to speak several different languages. But his area of speciality is in training the church in evangelism, and about Arab and Muslim culture and beliefs. He is also engaged in teaching basic English to Christian workers who hope to serve in mission beyond Brazil.

You can support Sami's work by making an online donation. Cheques can be posted to PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office NSW 1230. 

Donations to Overseas Ministry projects are not tax deductible.

ABN 28 525 237 517

    • Praise the Lord that I have graduated from my Master of Art in Theology.
    • Pray for Brazil which is very seriously affected by COVID-19.
    • Pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and strength as I serve.
    • Pray that more believers will stay so that I can disciple them and eventually a church in Arabic and English will be planted.
    • Please pray for clarity of my refugee status in Brazil.

    Sami's story is one of grace and God's faithfulness

    The seed was first planted in this Arab man when he was studying at university in Nigeria. Sami gave his life to God 14 years later.

    “The Spirit of the Lord started steering my heart,” he said.

    In one example, the Lord opened Sami’s eyes to the reaction of Muslim leaders to acts of terrorism - their justifying rhetoric. “That made me start looking for the truth and after a year, in 2010, I gave my life to Christ,” he said.

    He escaped death by fleeing his home which was in a hard-line Muslim state and went to Egypt. But in doing so he left behind all that he had – his wife, three children and his business. And he has done it all with a paralysed right leg. “Despite all this, and my disability, I have Christ,” he said. “I have his peace and joy, and know where I am going eternally.”

    Anglican Aid was there with Sami when he commenced studies at the Alexandra School of Theology, in Egypt. Security issues forced him to depart Egypt for Uganda but the student was assisted by friends in Cairo, as well as by Anglican Aid.

    He was able to further his studies at Uganda Christian University (UCU) and graduated in October 2015 with a Bachelor of Divinity. He began a Masters in Theology at UCU but in 2016, as his passport was expiring, the Lord opened a way for him to go to Latin America as a religious refugee. Throughout this time, Anglican Aid has assisted Sami with living costs and provided support for his needs in regards to his disability.

    In Latin America, he was able to connect with the local Anglican Diocese of Recife. Now, as well as training the church, he plans to establish an Arabic and English service for Arabic and African refugees in his adopted country.