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Pray for Afghanistan.

Bringing God’s Love to Afghan Refugees
  • by Riley Buchanan
  • February 3, 2022

In 2021, the world watched in horror as the Taliban rapidly took over Afghanistan in August. People desperately fled from their country, fearing the oppression that would come under the new regime. 

Many Christian Afghans who were fleeing brutal persecution have become a part of Brazil’s refugee intake. Anglican Aid has partnered with the Anglican Diocese of Vitoria in Brazil to support these Christians through a critical time of healing, as they begin settling into the safety of their new country.

“In total we have 112 people. These include elderly people, youths, married couples and children,” explained Anglican Aid’s contact Sammy Nagib. “We have 73 people who have already finished their quarantine period and are already having morning devotions with me, Portuguese classes and we are working on documents as well.”

Generous supporters are helping by providing trauma counselling with many having lost loved ones, and with family members who remain in Afghanistan. Sammy asks for us to keep them in our prayers as they go through this time of healing before they are able to support themselves. Learning Portuguese is another difficult challenge and it could take a year before they’re able to communicate in the language. 

Funding for this project is helping provide accommodation and daily necessities like food and clothing, as well as trauma counselling, local language classes, schooling for children and short vocational education courses for the adults, and ongoing pastoral care through the local church.

One of the Afghan Christians said to Sammy: “Thank you very much for your help and support  during this hard time. It is really very appreciated and I will never forget your help for all the people here. I would like to also say thanks to Anglican Aid in Australia and to the Anglican Diocese of Vitoria, Brazil for their support.”

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