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CEO Statement: Responding to the Hamas-Israel conflict 
  • by Tim Swan
  • April 10, 2024

When the terrible violence erupted in Israel and Gaza in October last year, I was genuinely appalled and saddened. At the time, I wrote a prayer pleading for God’s protection of the innocent and urging Anglican Aid supporters to pray. I continue to grieve over the atrocities taking place there. 

Some may be wondering why Anglican Aid has not initiated an aid program for the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. In truth there are many reasons, but I want to highlight two that speak to the core identity of Anglican Aid. 


Confidence in our channels  

When considering a humanitarian emergency response, Anglican Aid seeks to work with existing, trusted partners. Usually, our aid programs are delivered by those we’ve partnered with before, perhaps as part of a long-term development project. 

This is a significant consideration in the case of the Hamas-Israel conflict, due to the increased chance of aid being stolen, destroyed, or misused . 

Anglican Aid always carefully checks that the help we send will be used for its intended purpose. This is why having a trusted partner on the ground is so important – something Anglican Aid doesn’t have in Gaza. 


Remembering the forgotten 

We focus our efforts in places that the media and other international organisations sometimes overlook – especially in sub-Saharan Africa. War, conflict, and atrocities are currently being experienced in places like Sudan, Nigeria and Mozambique, affecting far more people, where locals have even fewer resources to help, and are receiving little public attention here in Sydney. 

This past summer, renewed attacks by Islamic State killed hundreds of people in Cabo del Gado, Mozambique, displacing thousands more. The international community response is smaller and slower, meaning these victims won’t receive as much support, even though their circumstances are equally appalling. 

This, and crises like it, is where Anglican Aid’s emergency resources can have the greatest impact, and where we choose to respond.


Because Anglican Aid focuses on places where we can have confidence in our aid distribution channels and are receiving less media attention, we decided not to run an emergency appeal for Gaza. 

I continue to pray for the innocent people in the Middle East, and for all those suffering violence across the globe. Please continue to ask the sovereign Lord to bring peace. 

In Christ, 

Tim Swan


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