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PAKISTAN: Rebuilding after the flood
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • February 7, 2024

Life was already challenging for 65-year-old widow Gulam Fatima when the devastating flood hit her village in southern Punjab in August 2022. Her eldest son had a disability which made it more difficult for him to find work as a day labourer to help support his mother, young brother, and sister.

So when the family’s mud brick home was destroyed in the flood, they had few resources to help them recover.

In the weeks and months after the flood, 1toAnother, supported by Anglican Aid, provided emergency help to the family’s village including food, tents, mosquito nets, and medical supplies. They also built a new, sturdier house for the family, constructed with bricks, cement, and steel. Gulam Fatima said she is profoundly grateful for the help her family has received.


  • Pray that many will learn of Jesus’ love as 1toAnother helps people in great need


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