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Significant Change: Refugees find love “like our Saviour Jesus Christ” in Brazil
  • by Lindsay Counsell
  • August 12, 2022

Sammy Nagib is serving refugees by providing critical spiritual, administrative, language, accommodation and education support for families as they settle in Brazil. He reports:

“By God’s grace and through your answered prayers I am seeing the project going very well … All the adopted families have the necessary documents, houses, furniture, clothing and enough food, [and] all their necessities, which include trauma sections and counselling. All classes of language and Bible study are fully working well. We see most of the families already adapting well to the weather, food, and Brazilian culture. Glory be to God.

Earlier this month, we heard from Natasha*, a Christian woman who has experienced God’s kindness through Sammy. Read on below to hear her testimony:

“Thanking you for giving me the honour of sharing what God is doing in my family through Anglican Aid Australia. The first important impact of these supports is directly related to the restoration of health and peace of mind, common sense, comfort of everyone in a family: I, as someone who came from a country that has always been at war, immersed in gender discrimination, infected with violence against women and minorities, I consider reaching a safe destination and being under the unwavering support of the church not only a blessing but also a privilege from God ...

For me, who is a single woman, these supports are a salvation; salvation from all the worries of a mother for her daughter, the worries of a daughter for her mother; salvation for a persecuted woman because of my faith in Jesus, a refugee in a new country living all I worked for back in Afghanistan. And I try to be an effective person for this society as soon as possible and give a good child to serve in the way of God. I pray for the compassionate leadership of the Anglican church and our church that God is using brother Sammy and all those who have supported us directly and indirectly. Thank you so much for your love like our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” Natasha

Anglican Aid is privileged to support Sammy in serving some of the most vulnerable people in our world, like Natasha, both in prayer and through the generosity of our donors. Ongoing partnership will enable Sammy to adopt new families, train them in employable trades and facilitate discipleship and Bible study activities so that they may integrate into local church communities.

* Names have been changed & images blurred for privacy.


1 John 5:14 reminds us: This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Join us as we pray for Sammy, the refugees in his care and those who continue persecution by bringing these prayer points before God and sharing them with your churches and Bible studies:

  • Pray for Sammy, that he would be blessed with great strength, wisdom, courage and empathy to continue extending God’s mercy to refugees entrusted into his care.
  • Pray for the families who have been adopted through this project, that the care provided would bring physical and spiritual comfort amidst significant and destabilising change.
  • For those who have participated in religious persecution of any kind; that the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ would rule over their lives, and that by the work of the Holy Spirit, many would see the faithfulness of God’s people in their suffering, and turn to Him to find life.

Sammy Nagib’s conversion from Islam to Christianity in 2010 brought serious death threats and ultimately forced him to flee his home. In the following years he lived and studied in Egypt and Uganda before ‘landing’ in Latin America. God has led him to a fruitful ministry in Brazil where he works with religious refugees, many who have fled persecution from Islamic nations. He also teaches English to Christian workers in Brazil who seek to take the gospel abroad.


Let grace flow

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