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  • Kajo Keji Diocese - The Church in Exile

    The third Bishop of the Diocese of Kajo-Keji, Emmanuel Murye Modi, was consecrated and installed on 15 January 2017. On 20 January, the area was hit by the country’s brutal civil war. By the end of January, Kajo-Keji was all-but evacuated; with some 98 per cent of the population fleeing to Uganda.

    The Diocese of Kajo-Keji has also relocated and has set up new headquarters and moved its ecumenical training programme to the Ugandan town of Moyo. “The Moyo District Authorities and the Madi and West Nile Diocese of the Church of Uganda have welcomed the people of Kajo-Keji warmly,” The Bishop sent Anglican Aid, a partner of the diocese a detailed account of his visit to the church in exile in Uganda. His report follows and has not been edited (apart from adding hyperlinks to a support page), so you the reader can understand the situation through the eyes of an African leader. Read more.....

  • Egypt: more than 30 killed in twin bombings at Coptic churches

    Palm Sunday attacks on Christian churches in Tanta and Alexandria injure more than 100 people, with cause of blasts unknown.

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