Stories from the Field

  • Flowing grace in the face of drought

    But the long drought has done them no favours. The rising cost of feed, transport and veterinary requirements for their animals has meant significant financial losses on top of a meagre income. Most stock have now been sold off, including breeders; house tanks emptied, natural springs stopped flowing, fruit trees started to die and stock water became critically low.  Read more

  • Water, Sanitation, and Education Work Wonders for Tanzania

    Working with our local partner, we've built a bore hole to produce a much needed source of clean water and began constructing eco-friendly and sustainable microflush public toilets in various villages  Also included in the project is WASH training at various primary schools.  The aim is to reduce diseases and deaths associated with water scarcity and lack of sanitation.  Over the next 3-4 years we plan to build 2 more bore holes, build a total of 26 sustainable microflush toilets for 26 villages and introduce hygiene training in 3 primary schools and 1 secondary school.  Read more

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