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  • Government again pressures Sudan Church of Christ leaders

    Leaders of the Sudan Church of Christ (SCOC) have been detained for some hours in the capital, Khartoum, during which they were ordered to hand over ownership of their church to government officials, by transferring authority from an elected committee to a state-sanctioned rival committee.

  • Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for WhatsApp ‘blasphemy’, despite gaps in police case

    Six days after a Pakistani Christian was sentenced to death for blasphemy, the young man’s lawyer says there was insufficient evidence against his client and that the police failed to investigate the matter properly.

    Nadeem Masih, 24, from the Yaqoobabad area of the religiously conservative city of Gujrat, in Punjab Province, was judged to have sent four messages via WhatsApp to his Muslim friend which defamed Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. On 14 September, he was fined the equivalent of around $3000 and sentenced to death.

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