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  • South Sudanese Refugees look forward to Peace

    In 2017 Anglican Aid commenced supporting the Anglican Diocese of Kajo Keji in exile in Uganda and was able to visit and meet Bishop Emmanuel later in the year. The recent signing of a peace deal has sparked hopes, as previously that the long conflict may end. Let us pray this is so. The following story is from ACNS.
    Anglicans in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan’s Diocese of Kajo-Keji are praying about a return to South Sudan, after operating in exile in Ugandan refugee camps for a number of years. But the Bishop of the Diocese, Emmanuel Murye, says that past experience of failed peace initiatives is creating doubt in the minds of the exiled.
    (Sidebar photo - Bishop Emmanuel at a makeshift school in Belameling Refugee Camp, Northern Uganda 2017 - Anglican Aid photo)

  • Water for Zambia school

    So the staff of the school in Zambia and their supporters in Australia decided to fundraise for water themselves​... Read more

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