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The changing climate has meant the rainy season now brings abnormally high levels of rainfall. But the majority of residents do not have the infrastructure to harvest and store rainwater for sustenance during the long dry months.

Working alongside the local church, the “Generate!” project aims to address these problems, and assist the community in Marsabit to become self-reliant, healthier, and safer. By constructing important infrastructure like gutters, rainwater tanks, and water-storage ponds; the people of Marsabit will be able to harvest and harness rainwater for drinking, sanitation, and food production. 

The project’s initial stage will be based at St Peter’s Church, Sagante. Workers will be trained to construct good-quality water infrastructure for the benefit of the whole community, as well as receiving on-the-job discipleship. Please pray that, in time, the project can be replicated around the rest of the Diocese.

Through your support, this program will generate sustainability, provide clean water and ultimately empower the people of Marsabit.

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