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Perseverance in trying times
  • by Riley Buchanan
  • August 27, 2021

Recently we received an email from Trudi who is the project ambassador for Support for Life (Heading North), Ethiopia as conflict continues to affect communities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

Opportunities to talk about Jesus

Heading North brings people together from different communities so that there will be peace across different tribes. This has given the opportunity for the project manager, Feru, to speak boldly about the love and peace that comes from knowing Jesus. He has been able to refute myths about Protestants, sharing that they do not belong to any nation or people. 

‘You know where that led,’ wrote Trudi.

God is continuing to make himself known. 

conflict management training

Conflict, poverty and COVID

Accompanying this encouragement is the negative impact of poverty, conflict and COVID in Ethiopia. Conflict is threatening to spill out into Shewa Robit near where Heading North operates. Many women who have been displaced by the conflict are in dire need and come asking for assistance. Because they feel ashamed, they only do so when their situation is desperate and they haven’t eaten in many days.

Trudi told us about the numerous heartbreaking stories…


Conflict has caused many to miss the chance to plough this season because of the danger. They’ve instead spent money defending their communities. Heading North was able to use a tractor (which Anglican Aid helped purchase last year) to tend 100 farms for the most vulnerable, which means they will be able to anticipate a harvest in November. The farmers chosen were known to be socially minded, meaning they would share with others in need. Despite this provision, many have still missed out and are in need of God’s provision during this time. 

Relief Support

Trudi shared that generosity between people will be tough as everyone is struggling:

Heading North has asked for prayer during these difficult times, and for Jesus’ name to be made known in Ethiopia. 

Prayer points:
  • God continues to make himself known. Please pray for many to understand his love through Jesus despite the chaos many are facing.
  • Please pray that the area will once again be protected from conflict.
  • Hunger and instability will only increase until the normal cycle of harvest resumes. Pray for ways for Heading North to respond appropriately to this need.
  • Praise God for his provision, however, there were many who missed out (It is estimated to be many hundreds in the immediate area). Ask God to miraculously show his hand through this time.
  • Please pray for women to be raised up onto the Heading North board, to give balance and insight into this holistic ministry and for the board to continue to lead faithfully in obedience to God.
  • Please pray for ongoing relationships even when things are hard.

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