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In Northern Kenya, Islam is growing stronger politically and economically, aggressively promoting faith amongst the local population and with some Christians turning to Islam. Muslim leaders offer educational scholarships to children from poor families and later these families are forced to convert to Islam. Also in the region there is an African Muslim training institute that trains local people to become sheikhs throughout the north.

The Biblical Leadership training will support not only Christians in the region, but converts from Islam to the Christian faith. When Muslims turn to Christ they are excommunicated from their family and community, with many of them losing their livelihood. This project aims to embrace these new believers and to help them to be self-reliant and to make a living, fostering their well-being. It is dedicated to the long-term well-being of individuals and their communities.

There is currently no systematic gospel outreach for those who come to live in the growing Marsabit town. The Kenya Biblical Leadership project seeks to evangelise to children and youth in schools, and the communities in the region. Along with this the intention is to bring peace and conflict resolution to Northern Kenya where there has been a history of violent tribal clashes along the Kenya/Ethiopia border. 

Please pray for the Marsabit region and consider giving so that the truth of God’s grace will be guarded and spread in Northern Kenya. 

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