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Mbuyu is the Swahili word for Boabab tree – which is the Tree of Life. It grows only in Africa and Australia.

Anglican Aid works with Mbuyu Foundation, which was started by Dr Roberts & Leah Makanda, who were motivated by a deep love for God and a deep love for the families of the Katanga slum. Mbuyu was officially registered as a government approved charity and NGO in Uganda in 2016.

Among its development goals, Mbuyu Foundation seeks to support and education to couples, parents and families on doing family ‘Gods way’ and to help see God’s Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Mbuyu Foundation programs that come under the LIFE PROJECT include: 

Read for Life – Literacy and library program for school age children.

Skills for Life – Skills training for the parents/guardians of those children who attend Read for Life.

Adult Literacy for Life – Mid-week classes helping adults to read, write and communicate in English to improve their chance of employment. 

Sports for Life – Football and sports keep young kids out of gangs and away from the street, helping them to see the value of education and literacy.

Study Club – A safe and quiet environment for study each evening, with the benefit of teachers, electricity, text books and library facilities.

Mbuyu Foundation Goals
  • To significantly reduce maternal deaths, with every woman experiencing a safe and dignified maternal journey. 
  • To transform slums, into thriving, healthy, clean, safe communities.
  • To empower families to earn their own living and provide basic needs (food,education) for their children, leading to reduced poverty and lower numbers of  abandoned children.
  • To significantly improve adult and child literacy rate  while fostering a reading culture.
  • To advocate and work towards accessibility of quality healthcare.
  • To strengthen marriages and family structures, providing children with a safe, loving and stable environment.

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