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UGANDA: Totally changed
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • October 18, 2022

“Before joining the Mbuyu Foundation skills training program, life was very difficult,” said Jamilla, a 38 year-old woman who lives in the Katanga Slum in Uganda. Like many in Katanga, Jamilla struggled to survive with little income. She begged from her neighbours to survive and lived in fear of being evicted by her landlord.

After joining a sewing class run by Anglican Aid’s partner, the Mbuyu Foundation, Jamilla was able to set up a tailoring business which now supports her and her children.

Like Jamilla, 21 year-old Annet was struggling to support her family before she joined Mbuyu’s skills program. She joined a catering class where she learned how to make Mandazi, a popular local snack. Before long she was selling two baskets of Mandazi each morning and evening.

She also started supplying the snacks to the local school. Her business provided enough income to pay for her family’s needs. “I am so grateful to the Mbuyu Foundation for the skills program which has totally changed my life,” said Annet.

Jane, 63 years old, was also transformed after joining Mbuyu Foundation programs. She was practising witchcraft when she started attending a morning devotion before her life skills class. She was given a Bible and she says reading it had a great impact. “I can now pray by myself, worship and praise God,” said Jane. “Above all, I can read the Bible and understand the word of God which was not the case before joining the Mbuyu Foundation . . . Before this change happened, I had lost hope in everything but (I) am now very happy and so grateful for the Mbuyu Foundation.”


  • Give thanks for the lives being transformed through the work of the Mbuyu Foundation.


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