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INDONESIA: I come from a poor family
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • October 18, 2022

“Life is very difficult if you don’t have a high educational background,” said Yasa, father of Kevin and Tasya. With insecure employment and income, Yasa’s family had few resources.

“My father did not have a fixed job and he had to struggle to provide for his children, especially the need for education,” said 10 year-old Kevin. “This situation also makes me less confident when hanging out with my friends.”

Yasa enrolled his children in Projek Bali Families’ educational support program for children living in poverty. The children attend classes that support their studies and receive meals, school uniforms and other supplies. This ministry of the Christian Protestant Church of Bali is supported by Anglican Aid and shows Christ’s love to children whose opportunities for education are limited by poverty.

Tasya, eight years-old, said the program has motivated her to learn. “Since I joined this program I feel more comfortable, because there are so many children who experience the same thing as I experienced. I come from a poor family, just like them. Seeing them excited, I became excited to study too.”

Yasa is grateful that his children have been helped. He said, “This program brings change.”


  • Pray that Projek Bali Families staff will have opportunities to share Jesus’ love.


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