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Kenya: Writing a different story
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • February 22, 2023

At age 19, Silas should have already graduated from secondary school but because his family didn’t have enough money to keep him at school, his education was interrupted. Living in the slums of Nairobi, he left school and joined local criminal gangs that carried out petty crimes, stealing chickens and other small items to make quick cash. But when a friend asked him to join a gang that violently robbed and killed people, Silas knew he needed to make a change.
Silas heard about Elyon High School and saw the possibility of a different life.

“Silas has literally made a 180 degree turn from being exposed to ‘opportunities’ that would ruin his life to taking control of his destiny.” said Patrick Mwinga, from Elyon Christian Mission. “An opportunity to study, eradicate poverty in his community, adopt skills and training . . . and most importantly, finding Jesus on a day to day basis during his learning at Elyon High School.”

Silas has now joined the Christian Union, is a member of the science club and enjoys cooking and singing. “He is writing a different story to his life,” said Patrick.


  • Give thanks for the changes in Silas’ life since he started at Elyon High School.
  • Pray that he continues to learn well and grow in his faith.


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