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LEBANON: Learning and growing
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • June 30, 2023

At the Good Shepherd School for Syrian refugees, Muhammad, a new student, was being disruptive in class and the teacher was struggling to help him to join in positively. A classmate, Farah, went to the teacher and said: “You know that I used to be like him. You prayed for me, and your words became a constant prayer in my heart. And now you can see the results in me. My life has changed.” The teacher was touched by Farah’s encouragement and said: “Let’s pray together for Muhammad.”

“It’s with great awe that we share what the Lord is doing in our midst,” said Rev Emil Bourizk, Headmaster of the school. “We are witnessing growth and maturity of faith in both the teachers’ lives and their students.”


  • Praise God for changing lives through the Good Shepherd School.


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