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BURUNDI: Encountering God’s love
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • February 22, 2023

Bararumbanje Ménédore was struggling to provide for her two children. Her husband had left years ago so she had to work her garden in her small rural village, and take care of her two children by herself.


Since the Diocese of Gitega in Burundi trained her in agricultural methods and showed her how to build anti-erosion trenches, she has more than doubled her food production. “Where I used to produce 35 kilograms of maize, now I produce around 100,” she said. The Diocese of Gitega’s Food Security Project also led her to go to church where she encountered God’s love.

“I am now a believer,” she said. “Before this project, I lived desperately with regrets and complaints, but today I have learnt to rely on God and constantly feel encouraged and loved.”



  • Praise God that Bararumbanje’s life has been transformed through the Diocese of Gitega’s food security project and her local church.


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