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BURUNDI: God is good!
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • February 7, 2024

“God is good!” declared Yollande, a 38-year-old mother of four. “When I look back where I came from, a life of starvation and despair, I am more than thankful to God, the church and Anglican Aid for the steps I have made so far.”

In Burundi, the Diocese of Gitega’s food security project has given Yollande training to help improve her crop yields. She also received access to small loans which allowed her to purchase two piglets, three rabbits, and a cow. The animals’ manure has further boosted her food production.

Yollande said that the extra income has meant that her four children can now attend school, where they perform well, and are happy and healthy. “I do not know what more I can ask (of) God!” she said.


Doubling her harvest

Likewise, Constance was struggling before the project began. A 42-year-old widow with four children, she was only able to provide two meals every three days for her family. Since joining the project, her bean harvest has doubled. Her increased income means she is able to meet her family’s needs. Other project participants even helped build her a house!

Constance said: “I fail to find accurate words to thank the project and people who fund it because I believe they are being used by God to heal lives, families, and communities.”


Gitega Food Security project participants helped build a house for Constance and her family


  •  Pray that the Diocese of Gitega can replicate the food security project in other vulnerable communities


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