• by Lindsay Counsell
  • April 5, 2023

One of the ways Umthombo Wempilo helps women to leave sex work is by enabling them to return to their home countries. Sophie had come to Johannesburg from Zimbabwe, hoping to earn money through sex work but she found it extremely difficult. It was dangerous, demeaning work and after six months, she just wanted to go home. Staff from Umthombo Wempilo prayed with her and helped her to buy a ticket home. Late last year, a staff member was able to visit her in Zimbabwe and was delighted to see that she was growing in her faith and had established a small business selling fruits and snacks at the local market. Sophie is hoping to study the Bible at a college in Zimbabwe next year.


  • Pray that Umthombo Wempilo will help many more women to find safe employment and grow in their faith in Jesus.

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