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UGANDA: A miracle in the ashes
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • October 18, 2023

Zaina’s life had completely turned around when her home came under attack recently in Katanga Slum in Kampala, Uganda.  

Zaina had started a sewing business after graduating from a Mbuyu Life Project training program in April. As well as being able to support her family through her business, Zaina, a Muslim, heard about Jesus for the first time through Mbuyu, and came to put her faith in him.  

But recently, Leah, one of the Mbuyu project leaders, contacted Anglican Aid and told us that Zaina’s small business had been doused in petrol and set alight. Tragically, she lost everything, but miraculously her Bible was spared in the blaze! “It was untouched by the flames,” said Leah. “Even the table it was on was burnt but her Bible we gave her when she became a Christian survived!”  

Anglican Aid project officer Hannah Grant had visited Zaina in her home earlier this year and was shocked to hear what had happened but also said about Zaina’s Bible, “When I met her, she said it was genuinely her most prized possession!”.  

The local council said the motive for the attack was likely jealousy regarding Zaina’s new-found success. The Mbuyu Life Project was able to raise funds to provide Zaina with a new sewing machine and she is sewing again, having built a new frame for her shop. Leah said the miracle of the Bible has given Zaina great strength and courage. 


  • that Zaina will know the love and provision of her heavenly Father in increasing measure.


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