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New Skills for Life
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • February 3, 2022

In December, the Mbuyu Foundation in Uganda celebrated the first graduation of students from its life skills course. 

“To say the participants were excited is an understatement,” said Leah Makanda, one of the  program’s founders. “These amazing men and women have graduated with new life-changing skills. . . Many couldn’t even hold a pen properly before and now can read and write. Many never even completed primary school and now, here they stand in a cap and gown receiving a certificate and start up kit to go and make a new life for their families.”

The training covered basic life skills such as hygiene, first aid, parenting and budgeting. It also allowed students to learn income-generating skills such as sewing and design, jewellery making, catering and food management as well as how to manage a business. 

At the graduation, there were shouts of joy and tears when the students were surprised with start up kits for their sewing or catering businesses.

“We could not have gotten here without our amazing teachers, wonderful donors and of course our great God … God always came through, pushing us on with the help of amazing people all over the world.”

Read more about the Mbuyu Life Project, here

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