Let grace flow to future generations
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • October 19, 2022

A gift in your Will, of any amount, is a powerful way to leave a legacy for future generations. After prayerful reflection and making provisions for your family and loved ones, you may like to consider leaving a gift in your Will to Anglican Aid. By doing so, you will be making an effective and long-lasting investment that will continue to bring hope to people in need around the world.

Bibiana is a young woman who is benefiting from the generosity of Australian Christians through Anglican Aid. Helen Hoskins, Chaplain at Bunda Girls Secondary School (BGSS) in Tanzania, recalled how financial hardship almost prevented Bibiana, a very able student, from returning to Year 9 at the start of a school year:
“One day one of the teachers came to school and said, ‘I saw Bibiana and her mother collecting firewood. They were trying to get firewood to sell it so they could pay her fees.’ Our hearts just broke…this girl…she should have been in the classroom and she was collecting firewood.”
But, because of generous and prayerful supporters, Anglican Aid was able to provide a scholarship for Bibiana to receive an education at BGSS. 

Through the generosity of a private foundation, Anglican Aid has been overseeing the construction of buildings at this Anglican Christian boarding school belonging to the Diocese of Mara, since 2013. The new classrooms, dormitories, teachers’ houses, toilet block, library,  dining hall and kitchen will provide for the 320 girls now at the school and those who will join the school in future years.
Leaving a gift in your Will to Anglican Aid, no matter the amount, will be a lasting investment that brings real hope to people like Bibiana and long-term transformation to communities around the world.

Neil, a long-term supporter who has remembered Anglican Aid in his Will, explains, “If you want to do long-term philanthropic work, you have to allow for it to continue after you’ve gone … and that can only happen if Anglican Aid has the resources to do it. We can’t take [our possessions] with us, and there are huge needs and Anglican Aid’s in touch with those needs. I take what God has given me and I share it with those who need it and Anglican Aid is an effective and a wonderful partner for doing that.”

Neil Smith

Learn more about leaving Anglican Aid a gift in your Will here or by chatting to Julia or Amy from our Gifts in Wills team. You can reach them on 02 9284 1406, or by emailing

Neil’s gift to future generations

Neil shares why he has chosen to remember Anglican Aid in his Will.

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