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TANZANIA: Now he can walk!
  • by Ashleigh Hooker
  • February 22, 2023

Atukuzwe’s parents had just about given up. Born with cerebral palsy, Atukuzwe wasn’t able to walk and at four years old, wasn’t meeting other developmental milestones. Though his parents were poor, they had spent a lot of money, crops and even cattle with traditional healers, to try and improve his situation. Nothing had helped and they had run out of options.

“I have no place to take my son,” said his mother. “I will let him stay the way he is and let the grace of God work upon him.”

Things changed when a rehab worker from Karagwe Disabilities met Atukuzwe in his village. Karagwe’s physiotherapists and occupational therapists helped him to learn personal grooming and other daily activities and set up parallel bars at home for him to practice walking and develop standing endurance.

The therapy made a huge difference. Atukuzwe and his parents are delighted that he can now walk independently and was able to start school in January.


  • Praise God for this ministry of the Diocese of Kagera, sharing God’s love with families affected by disability.


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