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Update from Tonga: Aid delivered to over 1800 people
  • by Amy Touzell
  • July 22, 2022

Thank you for the outpouring of support for our brothers and sisters in Tonga. Together we raised almost $150,000 to help Tongan families recover from the devastation caused by the eruption of the underwater Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano earlier this year.

The volcanic eruption sent the island nation into total darkness and all forms of communication with the outside world were cut off for seven days. Houses and roads were damaged and volcanic ash destroyed crops and contaminated drinking water. Many people from the smaller islands were forced to migrate to the main island in search of food, water and shelter. The intensity of the eruption caused widespread tsunamis not only in Tonga, but also reaching Fiji, American Samoa, Vanuatu, NZ, and even as far as Japan, the US and Peru.

The generosity of Anglican Aid supporters has helped to assist more than 1800 Tongans impacted by the disaster. Because of this support more than 300 families received much-needed food and household supplies, more than 100 diabetic patients have benefited from the delivery of essential medical supplies, and over 400 people have been provided with ferry tickets so they can return to their home islands.

Donations from supporters, through Anglican Aid, made it possible for our Christian partners, the Tongan Evangelical Wesleyan Church in Sydney and its charity arm in Tonga, Ofa Ki He Masiva, to provide this on-the-ground humanitarian and emergency assistance. Alongside this practical care, they also brought hope to the people of Tonga during this time of great need, by showing Christ’s love and letting God’s grace flow through their interactions.

Please continue to pray with us for the people of Tonga as the recovery efforts continue:

  • Ask for God’s healing presence in the lives of those in Tonga who grieve any loss of life; who were injured or traumatised; whose property has been destroyed or whose livelihood was ruined.
  • Pray that all who have been impacted by the devastation will seek refuge and strength in our Father, an ever-present help in times of trouble and that he will sustain them through this time of recovery and rebuilding.
  • Give thanks for the generosity of Anglican Aid supporters and for the work of our church partners who have been serving on the ground in Tonga.

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