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How clean water, community development and Christian faith can offer lasting transformation
  • by Amy Touzell
  • February 17, 2020
Without clean, reliable water sources, no other development is possible


Anglican Aid is hosting our project partner Kelvin Adiema, Community Development Officer for the Anglican Church in Rorya, Tanzania, in March. Kelvin will visit churches, schools and small groups as part of the Waterworks for a Thirsty World campaign. His visit culminatess in UN World Water Day on Sunday 22 March.

“I am excited about how clean water can change a community and I can’t wait to tell others about it,” Kelvin said. “Over the past two years I’ve been involved with construction of boreholes, micro-flush toilets and water education in schools and villages. The difference is life-saving.”

Since 2017, Waterworks for a Thirsty World  has raised over $700,000 for specific WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects in vulnerable communities. 

Each project is undertaken by local people resulting in stronger relationships and new connections. People of different belief systems work side-by-side to improve conditions across the board. 

This development model is a strategic three-pronged approach to water health encompassing water provision, education and sanitation. 

Waterworks encourages supporters to take an active role in fundraising as well as donating to the campaign.

In 2020, Waterworks will raise funds for projects in: 

  • Tanzania, 
  • Rwanda, 
  • Kenya,
  • Ghana
  • Ethiopia, 
  • Jordan, 
  • Pakistan and 
  • Papua New Guinea. 

Projects have included boreholes, shallow wells, microflush toilets, rainwater harvesting systems, water tanks, solar water pumps and education programs.

About Kelvin

Kelvin leads the Water and Sanitation Project in Tanzania, strategically tackling the issue of unsafe water through the creation of boreholes, microflush toilets, and hygiene and sanitation training. 

Kelvin is married with a young son. He was born in Musoma, Tanzania in the 1980s and holds a degree in Adult Educational Community Development. He has worked with community development projects for the past 10 years.



Conducting his own imaginative fundraising challenges, he has demonstrated his strong personal commitment to providing water solutions. 

In 2019, Kelvin raised funds for the Water and Sanitation project in Tanzania by walking 40 kms over 5 days carrying a 20 L of bucket of water on his head!! This physically demanding effort highlighted the difficulties women and girls face daily as they carry water over great distances for their families.

In 2020 Kelvin intends to complete another fundraising challenge involving climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

About Waterworks for a Thirsty World

#Waterworks2020 is about bringing clean, life-giving water to impoverished communities through improving water access and quality, promoting safe and healthy living through essential sanitation facilities and providing education.

#Waterworks2020 asks people to sign up as fundraisers and to encourage their family and friends to take part in a challenge or event. 

Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Raise water awareness
  • Understand water education in a global context
  • Engage peer groups / Social networks
  • Be part of a practical solution for water-vulnerable communities!

Fundraise individually or work together in a team, choosing from one of our Waterworks Challenges or using an original idea. 

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