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Bushfire Appeal Proceeds Reach Affected Communities
  • by Amy Touzell
  • February 28, 2020
The Archbishop of Sydney’s Anglican Aid Bushfire Relief Appeal is already making a difference in fire-ravaged communities across NSW and beyond.
The appeal fund, which is now closed, topped $700,000 only 100 days after its launch. 


Eddie Ozols, acting CEO of Anglican Aid, said, “Of the more than 1700 separate donations some came from as far afield as North Carolina, Illinois, Maine, and Cardiff (Wales), though the vast majority have come from locals.

“Anglican Aid has been overwhelmed by people’s willingness to entrust their bushfire donations to us.”

Appeal funds have flowed both north and south of Anglican Aid’s Sydney CBD location demonstrating the strong connection between people across diverse areas as they reach out to their neighbours in need. 

Recovery begins

A property owner near the NSW/Queensland border, who experienced fires in early November, provided photos showing some of the results.  

She said, “There is a photo showing a burnt gate on the ground. Just a couple of weeks earlier I had walked through that gate. There was so much vegetation there I almost couldn’t keep walking along the track.”

Bushfire Affected Community

With the proceeds of the Anglican Aid bushfire appeal, the Anglican minister in that district has provided $1500 to get fencing repairs started and will also supply funds to replace the hay reserves that were destroyed. 

A NSW South Coast team of Christians accepted the invitation to visit the property of a recipient of financial support.

The minister said, “He lost home and sheds, plus motorcycles, tractors and tools  worth $0.5 million. No insurance. He is in his 70s.”  

The funds we received have been used to purchase vouchers for basic supplies and hardware. These vouchers have found their way into the right hands. It was humbling to pass on such generous donations.

Next steps

Many of the bushfire-affected communities are located in areas of intense drought so, even though the Bushfire Relief appeal has finished, the Drought Relief Appeal continues.  

Similarly, the Anglican Aid Community Care Fund assists people and families in NSW through initiatives run by a number of local Anglican churches. 

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