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Much Needed Aid for the People of Marsabit

Update on Relief Distribution in Marsabit
  • by Lachlan Wilkie
  • December 8, 2021

Tensions continue to rise in Marsabit, placing ever increasing strain on locals amidst failed harvests and worsening hunger.

“The situation of the hunger, the drought, and the situation of the security of the war has affected people.”

Pastor Boriso

On Tuesday (30/11/21) Bishop Qampicha brought approximately 100 internally displaced people from the Boran and Gabra communities together, to receive food and support. These people are at the forefront of the clashes and violence, with many having their homes destroyed or vandalised.

This not only provided an opportunity for the members of  these communities to access much needed food and resources provided by the generous giving of Anglican Aid supporters, but also to express the pain, grief and sorrow felt as a result of these clashes.  Bishop Qampicha, in bringing these communities together, was also able to preach on the reconciling work of Christ. 

Support and prayer for Marsabit is greatly needed as the rainy season ends, with new rainfall not expected until next April. This means that the situation will  worsen over the next three to four months as farms already under stress, will not be able to bring in any harvests. Work is scarce, and the violence continues to escalate, with two people shot down in Marsabit recently. 

“There is so much suffering, so it is my appeal, that our Christian and other well wishers, join us in prayer and also assist our people in any way they can.”

Pastor Boriso

Please pray for:

  • Safety for the people of Marsabit, during this time of unrest
  • Rain, and that farms will be able to bring in harvests to feed the people of Marsabit
  • The people of Marsabit that have lost homes as a result of these violent clashes




Thanks to the support of Anglican Aid’s donors we have been able to provide the communities and internally displaced people of Marsabit with food and assistance.


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