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India COVID-19 Appeal Update
  • by Riley Buchanan
  • September 27, 2021

Hear Robert Kumar of Herbertpur Christian Hospital share his experience of COVID-19 in India, and from Anglican Aid’s CEO, Tim Swan.

Earlier this year India experienced a devastating second wave of COVID-19. The death toll doubled from the first peak of the virus. Crematorium cities were burning day and night as the world watched on in horror. 

Robert Kumar (Project Director for Community Health & Development at Herbertpur Christian Hospital) described the situation as they transformed overnight into a COVID-19 hospital;

‘The moment we started, within 2 days all the beds were full because so many people were coming, and our emergency department was overflowing because every two or third minute a patient was coming with low oxygen levels’. 

Anglican Aid was able to respond to the COVID situation at Herbertpur Christian Hospital (North India) and Nav Jivan Hospital (Northeast India) by beginning an emergency appeal. These hospitals serve anyone regardless of race, caste, creed or religion, with Herpertpur the only hospital in a 20km radius. 

‘Australian Christians were able to raise over $380,000 through Anglican Aid,’ shared Tim Swan. ‘Which we sent over to buy ventilators, oxygen making machines, essential medicine, literally helping to save lives’. 

Robert Kumar thanked the Church for their timely and continuing contribution to Herbertpur Christian hospital.

Please pray for countries around the world suffering throughout the world from COVID-19. Anglican Aid continues to help support countries with medical equipment and lockdown food relief like India and Myanmar. If you would like to learn more about our Worldwide COVID appeal please click here

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