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Pray for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Help persecuted Christians flee from violence
  • by Riley Buchanan
  • October 11, 2021

Anglican Aid is helping to meet the needs of Christian families fleeing from persecution by the new government in Afghanistan. 

These Afghan families have secured places in Brazil’s refugee intake, and will be cared for by Anglican Aid’s long-term partner, Sammy Nagib, together with the Anglican Diocese of Vitoria in Brazil.

Your support will provide these families with basic accommodation and daily necessities like food and clothing, as well as trauma counselling, local language classes, schooling for children and short vocational education courses for the adults, and ongoing pastoral care through the local church.

You can be part of transforming the lives of these families by providing for their complex needs, supporting them through a critical time of healing, and settling into the safety of their new country.


Will you help meet the needs of families fleeing Afghanistan?


Aid for Afghan refugees

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As well as caring for the physical needs of those who are fleeing the country, Anglican Aid has also partnered with Megavoice to provide secure audio-Bible players to Afghan Christians who have suffered under the new regime.

Together, we can help relieve the distress of these persecuted Christians with the hope of the gospel.

You can be part of helping to distribute 1000 Megavoice players to Afghan believers, which are secure, pocket-sized, solar-powered devices that have the Bible recorded in the local language.

Your gift to the Aid for Afghan Refugees Appeal will contribute to relieving suffering and distress by reminding them of God’s Word.

Please pray for Afghanistan, and for those who have fled the country, that they will know Jesus love and comfort in this difficult and distressing time. 

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