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Update on Afghanistan
  • by Zhien-U Bakarich
  • September 20, 2021

Many of us are heartbroken over the unfolding situation in Afghanistan and are moved with compassion towards those who are suffering.

Like you, we have been horrified by the Taliban takeover, and the scenes and stories that have accompanied their evil rise to power.

The Anglican Aid team has been contacted by many of our supporters who expressed a desire for helping the vulnerable there.

Please be assured that Anglican Aid is striving to find a way to provide humanitarian assistance. We are speaking with various contacts in the region and following every lead. Our focus and intention will be to provide care and support for refugees in the name of Jesus – just as we have in many conflict-torn areas around the world.

The grim reality is that, at present, there is no way for Anglian Aid, or almost any other charity, to get humanitarian assistance into Afghanistan.

Additionally, since the Taliban takeover, borders are being monitored such that it is presently impossible for refugees to escape and benefit from the aid we are ready to give.

This is true for nearly all Anglican Aid’s peers in the emergency aid and relief sector, as the vast majority of us face this same challenge.

We pray, and encourage you to pray also, that God in his goodness and sovereignty will strengthen and protect his people in Afghanistan, that the light of the gospel will not be snuffed out, but will become a blazing fire, to the glory of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Pray also that our heavenly Father will open up a way for those in peril to escape and be cared for by followers of Jesus, including through Anglican Aid.

We continue to pursue every possibility in his name. We will be sure to update you when Anglican Aid has developed a response and will launch an appeal. If you feel led, you are welcome to make a contribution to Anglican Aid’s Emergency Relief activities around the globe.

  • Tim Swan, CEO




VIDEO: Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel leads a prayer for Afghanistan.



Banner image: Wikimedia

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