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Significant Change: Honeyworld brings enterprise and income to communities in Zimbabwe
  • by Lindsay Counsell
  • July 15, 2022

Honeyworld Zimbabwe is a social enterprise working with rural communities, empowering them to venture into beekeeping.

This year alone, Honeyworld Zimbabwe has bought about 4 tonnes of honey from the villages in Manicaland. One of the coordinators for Muchadziya village, Mr Mukuyu, spoke to our project partner Tamuka to share how working with Honeyworld has improved the livelihoods of the people in his community. 

Mr Mukuyu, Beekeeping Project Coordinator

Before we became Honeyworld Zimbabwe outgrowers, some of us were involved in beekeeping though at a very low scale. We would sell to other buyers, but we could see that to them what matters was the money. We don’t even know most of them. We are grateful because Honeyworld Zimbabwe uses a fair pricing system which pleases all of us. And in addition to that, the HWZ team is constantly in touch with us, teaching us beekeeping skills and at times giving us more beekeeping tools.

The truth is [previously] it would have been difficult for us to think of becoming large scale beekeepers. But if you are to check right now, everyone is interested. Some people have actually started to make their own beehives so that by the next harvest they can sell something. 

In economies like Zimbabwe where there are no regulations in terms of pricing, it is easy for people to be manipulated and they end up selling a product at a very low price. Having a company that is willing to go against what most buyers are doing and being fair is a rare thing.”

Anglican Aid’s support of Honeyworld will enable it to see the outgrower scheme grow in other villages throughout Manicaland, meaning more families can establish a sustainable income source. Our team is thankful for this partnership and rejoices with the Honeyworld team who say: “It is a joy to see rural community livelihoods being transformed, increased pollination and environmental conservation growing through outgrower activities.

1 John 5:14 reminds us: This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Please join us as we pray for Honeyworld, its employees and their families by bringing these prayer points before God and sharing them with your churches and Bible studies:

  • For the nation of Zimbabwe, that wise leadership would improve the existing, high levels of unemployment.
  • For this project, its leadership and its participants, including pastors and evangelists, that God would bless their work and continue to use it to provide income for their families.

Honeyworld is a project that seeks to empower local farmers in Zimbabwe to set up, manage, harvest, package and sell their honey and honey-related products. The project assists farmers in the initial capital to set up their honey business, after which it only operates as a channel to assist farmers in growing their knowledge of beekeeping and helping them to connect with buyers beyond their villages.


Let grace flow

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