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COVID-19: Medical equipment for clinics in Myanmar
  • by Zhien-U Bakarich
  • September 6, 2021

Anglican Aid has expanded the India COVID appeal to a ‘Worldwide’ appeal, to help countries who need medical equipment to treat COVID patients.

Presently, we are focusing relief efforts in Myanmar, where COVID cases have escalated since July. Recent political turmoil has exacerbated the difficulties in treating COVID patients, and many have lost loved ones to violence or disease.

Our partner, the Church of the Province of Myanmar, has set up emergency clinics that require urgent support for medicines and equipment.

Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo says,

“In the midst of immense suffering, I have no strength to utter a word. I feel like we are in the World War III: not fighting against flesh and blood, rather fighting against the invisible threes: COVID-19; powers and principalities of darkness; and self-centredness.”


Rev. Moses Israel, from the neighbouring Diocese of Singapore, has described how those in Southeast Asia, described as the new epicentre of the virus, are clinging to God in prayer.

“In the midst of dead bodies lying everywhere, may the living beings unite in prayer with one heart, one mind, one Spirit. May God help us! Amen.”


Anglican Aid is helping provide our brothers and sisters in Myanmar with desperately needed medical supplies including oxygen, PPE, medicine, and additional hospital beds.

Let grace flow through generosity

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